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September 27, 2010

Day Two: Teaching the Same Thing Twice

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I marvel at how teachers can teach the same thing twice in a row and keep both classes roughly on the same page. It has always been said to me that even if you must teach the same things over and over, each class is different. Well, from what I’ve seen so far, that’s not truly the case. Sure, there are different students in each class, but they go through the same material at about the same pace with roughly the same questions and concerns. Today, we continued Oedipus Rex in both classes. They presented their small group assignments which incorporated the new media standard. After hearing 6+ presentations, I realized that, although the pictures the students drew were slightly different, they were mostly the same over all. Their explanations of their projects almost mirrored the previous group’s. And this was a rather creative project. It encouraged individuality and creativity, and yet the students almost all came up with the same ideas. This tells me something about the classroom environment, but I’m not sure what yet…


September 20, 2010

1st Day.

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I just finished my first official day as an intern at Siegel High School where I will be on Mondays for the rest of the semester. I’m really excited – my mentor teacher is really awesome. So here is how my day went:

First, Siegel High is the biggest high school I have ever seen. I feel like I’m going up the hierarchy of high schools because the school I attended in grades K-9 was a small, private school with the average total class size around 90 students at the time. Then, when I moved to PA, I attended a much larger high school. I think our graduating class was somewhere just under 400 students. And now, Siegel. About 500 students in a class. It’s mind-blowing how huge schools are now. Luckily for me, the English hallway is very near the front entrance and main office so I didn’t have the opportunity to get completely lost.

1st period is Ms. LaDuc’s planning period. I’m really excited that I will get to spend this time with her in the classroom as it will be a chance to see what goes on “behind the scenes”. Today, I got to enter in the last grades of the first six-week grading period. Technology in the classroom is certainly handy, but I remember the days when I was a young girl and dreamt of keeping my own grade book – in fact, my best friend and I even bought our own for when we “played school”.

2nd period: Advanced Honors 10th grade English. The period started out with handing an assignment back to students. They had written their own vignettes in the style of The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, which the students had just finished reading. I got to read a few of the vignettes before class started and they were really amazing. It’s wonderful to see students’ creativity come out in these types of activities. After that, the students continued to talk about their current reading, Oedipus Rex.

3rd period: Honors 10th grade English. Basically, the same thing all over again.

I’ll be staying 1st-3rd period every Monday, although I am hoping I can schedule to be there on one of the block scheduled days. 50 minutes goes SO quickly. With so little able to be covered in a class period, it’s amazing how teachers can get through the required curriculum content. Of course, I remember thinking 50 minutes was FOREVER when I was in high school. It’s funny to be on the other end of the spectrum. It’s also very amusing to be called “Ms. Garner”. 🙂 I can’t wait until next Monday….how often do you hear someone say THAT?

September 15, 2010

The Intern.

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On my quest to become a high school English teacher, I’ve signed up for an internship before my student teaching semester. This blog will follow my experience with this internship.

For those of you who stumble across this page, feel free to read the full version of my teaching blog HERE.

On Monday, I will be meeting the teacher with whom I am to work this semester. I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

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